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Setting Up A Raspberry Pi 3.2″ (V3) TFT LCD Module Touch Screen Monitor Display

Install and download a factory image for the Waveshare spotpear Raspberry Pi (v3) LCD Display in half the time…

I recently purchased a cheap TFT Touchscreen LCD Screen for my Raspberry Pi B from eBay made by WaveShare SpotPear.

I followed three tutorials on many other websites installing and reinstalling Raspbian at least 10 times but unfortunately, none of them seemed to work I just got a blank white screen…super frustrating, I realised the screen uses a different driver and with no instructions supplied from the manufacturer I took to Google to search for others with similar issues.

In my hours of searching for the correct driver I found a download for an image of Raspbian with the drivers preinstalled from WaveShare on a Chinese site (here), the only issues being it was a 3.75GB download from the worlds slowest server, it took me just over 14 hours to download.

I’ve downloaded a copy and zipped it up for anyone with the same issues as me the file is just over 1GB and hopefully, I can save you many hours of frustration to get your new LCD Touch Screen working. You can [download it here].

After installing the image, I plugged my screen in, booted it up and bam it worked straight away!


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