Raspberry Pi Robot – The Parts

And now the waiting game! So far, I’ve ordered a few basic items which are essential for my Pi Robot

Heres what I’ve ordered so far!

Raspberry Pi model A (£20.50) – I got this because it consumes much less power (115mA) than the Model B at 400mA, which is perfect for my battery powered robot, its also cheaper than a Model B. I used this article, which provided a little more information about battery consumption of the different Raspberry Pi Models. Get one here on Amazon.

An 802.11n WiFi Adapter (£4.90) – This small USB Wifi adapter will allow me to hook my robot up to the internet so I can control him over the web. Check out the adapter I bought.

16GB SD Card (£8.39) – If you didn’t already know, the Raspberry PI runs off an SD Card, on it, I will install the RASPBIAN OS, (I’ll post an article about that once it arrives) Heres the one I purchased.

And lastly, a Raspberry Pi Camera Module (£18.98) – My Robots eye! I’ll be using this to create a video feed over the web so I can guide my robot around remotely. I got this one…

You will also need a keyboard and HDMI Screen and cable in order to set up the wireless adapter before you can remotely access your Raspberry Pi via SSH.

I’ve decided to order items bit by bit until I really know what I want to achieve with my robot, So I’ll be updating this article from time to time.


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