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My House Renovation

May 22nd 2018 I got the keys to my first home. A friend recommended that first thing I should do is clean the oven. Armed with my marigolds and oven cleaner I was all prepped, that was until the oven door fell off in my hands.

 The house was previously rented out, the decor was dated and the walls were heavily textured, but I was fairly confident I could make my little Artex palace my own. It has certainly been an experience renovating a house with no DIY skills and a limited budget of Β£8k!


Unfortunately, I was so eager to rip the place apart I forgot to take many before photographs at the start. But you get the gist, it was DATED.

Bye bye fireplace! πŸ’₯

Sorry Santa, this chimney is closed!

After attempting to take the fireplace down brick by brick with a hammer and chisel, I quickly realised I’d need something much more heavy duty. So I hired a jack hammer (Sorry neighbours). πŸ™‰

The fireplace in the dining room was much easier to bring down, all it needed was a crowbar.

to be continued…

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