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How to make an upcycled bottle LED light

How to make a super cool, stylish LED bottle light…

  • The easy and most enjoyable part! Drink!
  • Rinse out the bottle, making sure you keep the outside dry so the label stays intact.
  • Using a drill and an 8mm glass/tile cutting drill bit drill a hole in the back of the bottle.
  • Tip: Use white spirits to keep the drill bit cool and always wear eye protection. Don’t apply too much pressure to the bottle when drilling.
  • Rinse out your bottle to remove all the glass from the inside, its best to do this straight away otherwise it can be hard to remove
  • Let it completely dry out.
  • Thread your battery powered LED Lights through the hole – It can take a while especially if you use 10m of lights like me!
  • Using a hot glue gun, glue the battery pack to the back of the bottle.
  • Enjoy your new upcycled LED Bottle Light!
upcycled bottle

Take care when cutting the glass, wear gloves and goggles throughout for protection. Have fun – But I am not responsible for any projects that are made from this guide, including any injuries that may be sustained.

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