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How To Install Raspbian On an SD Card – Mac OSX

Installing Raspbian on an SD Card using A Mac is super simple… Trust me, don’t be put off by the fact you have to use command line all you have to do is copy and paste… Assuming you already have a copy of rasbian downloaded which you can get from here. Step 1: Insert your SD […]

Raspberry Pi Robot – My Goals

Having extremely little knowledge about Raspberry PI’s or robots for that matter, I’ve decided to build myself an awesome robot, hopefully gaining some knowledge along the way. A friend of mine recently built a really cool Raspberry PI Spiderbot (Check it out here!). Ultimately I’d like to be able to do the same and hopefully […]

My New Blog And Website

Check out my new blog and site guys! Hey guys! So to start off my ramblings for my new blog I thought I’d give you all an insight on what to expect, Currently I’m planning on jam-packing it full of awesome front-end HTML5 and CSS3 code tips, inspirational design ideas along with current web trends, […]