How to make an upcycled bottle LED light

How to make a super cool, stylish LED bottle light… The easy and most enjoyable part! Drink! Rinse out the bottle, making sure you keep the outside dry so the label stays intact. Using a drill and an 8mm glass/tile cutting drill bit drill a hole in the back of the bottle. Tip: Use white […]

Setting Up A Raspberry Pi 3.2″ (V3) TFT LCD Module Touch Screen Monitor Display

Install and download a factory image for the Waveshare spotpear Raspberry Pi (v3) LCD Display in half the time… I recently purchased a cheap TFT Touchscreen LCD Screen for my Raspberry Pi B

How To Install Raspbian On an SD Card – Mac OSX

Installing Raspbian on an SD Card using A Mac is super simple… Trust me, don’t be put off by the fact you have to use command line all you have to do is copy and paste… Assuming you already have a copy of rasbian downloaded which you can get from here. Step 1: Insert your SD […]

Raspberry Pi Robot – The Parts

And now the waiting game! So far, I’ve ordered a few basic items which are essential for my Pi Robot Heres what I’ve ordered so far! Raspberry Pi model A (£20.50) – I got this because it consumes much less power (115mA) than the Model B at 400mA, which is perfect for my battery powered robot, […]

Raspberry Pi Robot – My Goals

Having extremely little knowledge about Raspberry PI’s or robots for that matter, I’ve decided to build myself an awesome robot, hopefully gaining some knowledge along the way. A friend of mine recently built a really cool Raspberry PI Spiderbot (Check it out here!). Ultimately I’d like to be able to do the same and hopefully […]

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